The Mana particle, also called the Exon, the Magic particle, or the Magic lepton, is an exotic class of subatomic particle that powers magic. It comes in 9 varieties and also has an antimatter form for each of those forms. In this article, Mana particles will be referred to as Exons.

Size and interactivity

Exons are very small and non-interactive; They are much like neutrinos, but a trillion times smaller and even less interactive with matter. It would take a block of lead about 300 billion parsecs (978,469,133,092.719 light-years) long in order to potentially block the movement of an Exon.

Mana and magic

The resource known as mana, the fuel that drives magic, is composed entirely of Exons. While Exons are essentially loners (i.e. they don't interact with much, if at all), all beings capable of thought (i.e. any living thing with a complex brain, such as animals and humans) have the capability of manipulating Exons to their advantage in order to cast what is known as magic.

Exons are actually just ordinary particles; the only thing that makes them "magic" is the fact that conscious beings are capable of manipulating them in a way reminiscent to traditional magic. The fact that Exons can be manipulated at all, let alone by only conscious beings, strongly hints that there may be supernatural intervention at work.





left center right
top over (E+-) top (E+o) exterior (E++)
middle sheer (Eo-) middle (Eoo) ground (Eo+)
bottom under (E--) bottom (E-o) interior (E-+)

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